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Boat К190

15.400,00 ден

Lightweight and compact rowing boat suitable for fishing in smaller lakes, rivers and inaccessible places.

Категории , Ознака:


Lightweight and compact rowing boat are suitable for fishing in smaller lakes, rivers and inaccessible places. Made of sturdy and puncture-resistant PVC material with a gravity of 750 g / m2, all glues are made with Thermo stitch technology, which makes it indestructible and durable. The boats in this series are designed as super lightweight boats that you can easily carry as hand luggage.

Extremely high-quality fabrication and use of the finest materials even at the lowest price – that’s KOLIBRI’s leading policy.


To ensure better comfort, the seating area is removable and allows for individual positioning.


Advanced and practical oar locking eliminates the possibility of them being lost.



Powerful foot pump with two operating modes.

  • Blows fast and easy, in few minutes.


  • To retrieve the boat on a smaller scale, remove the air from the boat using the pump (second mode of operation).



Размер 190×105 см
Размер на соберен чамец 74x35x30 см
Дијаметар на коморите 28 см
Број на комори 2
Тежина на чамецот 12 кг
Носивост 100 кг
Број на патници 1 човек
Дозволен мотор
Класа на морепловност СЕ С

Комплетот вклучува:

  • Чамец  К-190,
  • Весла: 2 бр.,
  • Даска за седење: 1 бр.,
  • Ножна пумпа,
  • Комплет за ремонт,
  • Торба за транспорт,
  • Сертификат, упатство за работа и гарантен период од 36 месеци.